Hype Gen

Create residential and datacenter proxies for any site.

With multiple of the most popular residential and datacenter providers Hype Gen has you covered.

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$30 / month



Manage your active proxies delete, and recreate a fresh set as you need.

With Hype Gen 2.0 users can manage their proxies like never before. Introducing a brand new analytics page you can now fully take control of your proxy usage. Know what you’re using and how much. In addition, our new dashboard gives more control than ever before. Manage your key, balance and plan from anywhere in the world.

Hype Gen 2.0

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Hype Gen

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Proven Success

Hype Gen has shown time after time consistency and proven success. With so many options available at your fingertips there is no reason to go pay for overpriced data plans.


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Create from one of our many providers in seconds.


Cook the release on any site with your favorite proxies.


Delete your proxies (or don't) and repeat the process with proxies you can trust.

Frequently Asked questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get.

Hype Gen is $30 / month. Subscriptions are processed automatically every 30 days and can be managed via our dashboard
Hype Gen has everything. Residential proxies from 4 of the leading providers, extremely fast datacenters, and cloud providers with regions in all parts of the world.
All of our payments are taken through Stripe. This means that a credit or debit card is required at checkout.
Each copy of Hype Gen supports up to 1000 created proxies at a time. This amount will depend on which providers you choose to create from and how many you choose to create.